Génération Identitaire (Generation Identity/Identitarian) is a political movement from France, created in 2012, in order to fight against massive immigration and islamisation of Europe.

The declaration of war from Génération Identitaire to baby-boomers, especially those from the french leftist movement of May 1968, cause of the hell we’re living in, have been watched hundreds of thousands of times.

Génération Identitaire is a frontline in this struggle, as witnessed in the founding action of the movement, when it occupied the roof of an almost built mosque in the city of Poitiers. This was highly symbolic, because it’s near this town that, in 732, Charles Martel repelled a muslim invasion during what’s known in English as the Battle of Tours, thus saving France and Europe from an Islamic domination.

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In March 2016, activists from Génération Identitaire installed barricades on Calais city’s bridges, preventing so-called « migrants » from entering the town and harassing its inhabitants.

Génération Identitaire also organizes, every winter, solidarity tours with Europeans homeless, giving food, clothes and humanity to those whom are abandoned by the State for the benefit of « migrants ».


Several european countries got their own identitarian activist groups, inspired by Génération Identitaire, and today it’s thousands of young people who are struggling on the whole continent to save their civilization.

Finally, Génération Identitaire owns places in some big French cities where people can meet activists or share a drink. The movement also has its own private gym in the city of Lyon.